Mark Martinez has an interesting story to tell about his new Breakaway Omega custom rod.
On his first trip out with his new rod he lands a 34” Striped Bass. Mark said,
“I caught it off the south jetty in Port Aransas around 6:45pm. I had just lost a big jack before the striper so I was a little upset. I tied another lure on the line (X-Rap Rapala) casted it a couple of times and the third cast BAM hook up. I thought it was a Cobia or a big snook when he hit the surface then as he got closer to the rocks i saw the stripes.
It was a great fight on my new Omega Custom. Yes my first fish to break in the new rod
I think it’s going to be a lucky rod.”
Texas Parks and Wildlife had this to say about the rare catch:
Texas Parks and Wildlife began stocking stripers in the 1960s in East Texas, but now stock them in about a dozen lakes. Most likely this one traveled about 160 miles from Canyon Lake, through the Guadalupe River and into San Antonio Bay, which is 60 – 70 miles north of Port Aransas.
Martinez caught the fish about 6.45 pm. after working a shift at OxyChem in Ingleside. He and his brother Jose Martinez were casting Rapala X-Rap lures with a Breakaway rod at Jack Crevasse they had spotted feeding on baitfish.

Thanks for the awesome report Mark and also for the mention. Come and get your Breakaway T shirt as I want it in your next catch.

Regards Nickaway



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