Rocket Fuel

The Rocket Reel Company’s range of Multiplier, Baitcaster and Fishing Reel Lubricants are the worlds best Fishing Reel performance tuning Lubricants. Designed over 30 years ago specifically to control the speed of Multiplier and Baitcaster Bearings to enable the angler to achieve their maximum casting potential, anglers and fisherman all over the world now use Rocket Fuel Lubricants on all types of Multiplier, Baitcaster and many other Fishing Reels.




Rocket Fuel – Tournament Formula

Tournament Formula was created to satisfy the demand from Tournament Casters who wished to run their magnetically controlled reels as quickly as possible.


Rocket Fuel – Liquid Grease

Ultra-high viscosity, for use on fixed-spool/big-game reels, and for the gears on smaller sized reels. Also use Liquid Grease to clean, protect & lubricate the IAR (Instant Anti Reverse) Bearing.


Rocket Fuel – Red Label

A lubricant with a higher viscosity that is needed to control the new generation of magnetically controlled multipliers. Made for lager sized braked reels such as the ABU 8000/9000.


Rocket Fuel – Yellow Label

Original formula developed originally for centrifugally braked ABU Ambassadeur 6500CT and other models in the 5000, 6000, and 7000 ranges. Similarly sized reels from other manufacturers such as Daiwa, Akios, Shaimano, Penn, etc. also saw dramatic improvements in their performance.