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Breakaway Tackle and Development is centrally located in Corpus Christi, the heart of the Texas coastline. For years now, Nick Meyer and the Breakaway team have specialized in helping anglers with productive techniques and equipment to help improve their casting and fishing abilities. The friendly Breakaway staff will help guide you to the most logical equipment choice.

The continuing exploration in technological development help keep the Breakaway products at the top of the game. While mainly dedicated to the design of advanced long casting fishing and tournament equipment, Breakaway also sells an array of quality tackle for inland waters and bays. Whether it is the ultimate casting weights, creatively effective rigs and leaders, or the custom/factory rods, rest assured you are using the best.

Part of the secret to our success is the amount of time that people who compete in tournaments practice on the field. Breakaway rods have achieved distances in excess of 800ft and have landed plenty of fish. We can also say as a USA based manufacturer that we have increased the ability of fishermen and casters to present bait, lures, or sinkers at greater distances than any other manufacturer. The ability to cast further allows the fisherman to fish a greater amount of water more effectively.