PINS Report 032512

Good news: Speed has not been changed yet and is still at 25 mph unless posted otherwise.


Had a great day on the beach this weekend with my granddaughter Aria my daughter Shelley and her husband Andy. They have not been here for a year and when they get hear they want to fish.

We fished on the North end as the driving was slow due to the weed and the high water.  The weed is not really that bad as yet and you can find places to long rod. Water clarity was good and you could clearly see the Jacks racing through the curl of the wave. I sight cast and landed and nice Jack on the Alpha Rod whilst working around weed.

The Jack nearly had me down to the spool. It was quite a battle on the Alpha especially because of the weed. You can see how lucky I was as the Jack had blown out the split ring on the rear hook of the Rapala top water red and white.


I also got the report and pictures from my friend Adam Colbath

Here’s the pictures of what I caught on Saturday at PINS.  We were at the 30 mile marker, and I caught all of these in the morning and early afternoon before the seaweed started rolling in.  My 10’6″ and LDX SHA 20 ROCK!!!  Thanks Nick!



Totals for all eight species I caught Saturday.

Redfish 2 Whiting 4  Jack Cravelle 1 Black Drum 2  Sheepshead 1  Pompano 2  Stingray 1  Hardhead 1

This happens to be  my personal best for one day,just goes to show you never know what’s on the end of your line!





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