We had some good catches of Red, Black Drum, Pompano and Whiting on Sunday. The beaches were clean and the driving was an 8 on the low. The quality fish were caught on the North end of PINS with good reports from the 5 all the way to Fishpass  just south of Port A. The trick was to find the clear water and the water cleared from the north towards the south.  Today the water has been quite high and we have had some weed come in during the week, No new weed and no signs of Red Tide. Water clarity was good just North of Bob Hall this morning.


A customer purchased this rod all 23ft of it from a Washing State rod builder. I have no idea what it’s meant for but he ask if I could cast it. I got it into the second gut using a back cast. The rod weighed in at 3lbs. With the drop from the sinker to the reel was about 38ft. Really a difficult rod to cast.



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