I recently received this great e-mail,

Hi Nick,
I recently purchased your latest casting dvd and, to quote my brother,”It actually really works!”.

After a morning of casts, more than a few break-offs, and some missed setpoint criticism – I finally got the Nick-Ch’i working. Put it this way….we couldn’t see our casts landing because they were on the other
side of the outer bar. We easily doubled our distance in some strong cross winds.

I think the three keys the increased distance (that are not mentioned in the dvd) are to have someone with a good understanding of the video to critique your casts- hitting the setpoints are a must, the Cannon casting trigger-without it you might lose your finger, and practice alot-because I feel it is somewhat of an unnatural motion but once it all starts to flow the bait practically casts itself – no B.S. it does work!

Now, with all that being said I would like to buy a casting reel and rod for my brother for Christmas.

Nickaway Casting DVD’s


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