Getting reports of Red tide on the beach from Packery and PINS so I thought I would check it out myself. You will see by the pictures the only dead fish I found were at the end of Whitecap near Packery. Going south I checked every beach entrance from just south of Bob Hall to PINS. I could not go far on PINS as water was to the dune.

Airborne was at all location but the worst by far was the end of Whitecap which was the only location that I found dead fish. As of yet at with all of the locations I checked, I would say that this is currently a MILD HAB. The only dead fish I found were at the end of Whitecap and they were all Mullet. During the last bad Red Tide “HAB” event we had a massive fish kill and the most prolific was the Sand Eel. At the moment I am only seeing Mullet, leading me to guess the saturation of HAB is not going very deep into the water column as in previous events. I am still hoping that the agitated water and drop in air temperature keeps this to a minimum. I will keep you posted and give another report tomorrow.



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