Well, this was definitely another great tourney to put down in the history books. Our second tourney of the year and the second time a US Record has been broken in Texas. We knew that this was going to be a real hot day from the forecast earlier in the week, was just not sure what the wind was going to do. A quick check of the weather for the day early Saturday and the temps were going to be 100F with the heat index being 110F. Winds SSE at 20 – 30 MPH.

Not many casters at this tourney and we missed some of the regulars who were not able to make it. Everyone pitched in setting up the canopies, unloading trucks and setting up the field. First few rounds and things were looking real promising. Right before lunch time Will was able to hit over 800 foot and was still looking for more. A couple of more rounds and Will was finally able to hit 861.0 feet on the 150 gram weight using .31 main line, .80 shock leader, and AAA Breakaway rod. Setting a new US Record on the 150 gram weight was definitely exhilarating for Will as well as the guys there. David Womack was also able to step up and increase his PB on the 150 gram weight going 714.4 feet.

We finally decided to break for lunch as it was really starting to heat up now. It was like opening the oven door with the oven on 350 degrees. PURE HOT WIND!!! Drinking plenty of water, gatorade, eating fruit, soaking down rags in ice water seemed to help a bit but was only a temporary fix. The name for our tourney was VERY fitting for the day. We continued on after lunch, but it seemed like everyone was just too spent. The heat had taken it out of everyone there. Finally ended the day at 4:00 PM and it was everything we could do to pack up the trucks and head back to the hotel to rest and clean up.

I would like to thank our sponsors for another great tourney: Texaloy Foundry, C & L Surveying, Breakaway USA, Sunbelt Rentals and Richard Kleberg Park. A big thanks to Jeremy Guzman for coming on down and helping out with everything. And Congrats again to Will Nash and David Womack for some very nice casting. Another great tourney and look forward to the next one.

Here are the results for the day:

150 Gram Weight
1st Will Nash 861.0 feet / PB *New US Record*
2nd David Womack 714.4 feet / PB
3rd Jack Rice 685.3 feet
Cliff McKay DNM
Carlos Osuna DNM

175 Gram Weight
1st Carlos Osuna 719.7 feet
Will Nash DNM
David Womack DNM
Jack Rice DNM
Cliff McKay DNM

Carlos Osuna

Here are a few pics of the day



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