This tournament starts on June 1st and will run until  December  1st 2011

The object of the tournament is to catch the biggest fish on your Daiwa Triforce rod. (IE: Longest in inches. ) Rod TFE301MFS Length 3ft Spinning or bait cast, the choice is yours.

The cost to enter is $20 and you must also purchase your Triforce rod from us or have one purchased from us.  The cost of the rod is $19.95.

The $20 entry fee must be paid in cash or Paypal. We will post your name as entered as soon as we receive your payment.

We will give you a unique number which will clearly be displayed on your rod.  When you catch a fish you must take a picture of the fish with the rod and a measure clearly in view as we will use the rod and the measure for your entry.

You must send a copy of the picture in .jpg format to

Winners get the total of the entry fee ($20 per person).

Any species, fresh or saltwater. All we want is the longest fish caught on your Triforce rod.

*Because we are after the largest fish we cannot guarantee the rod against breakage. If you do break a rod just get another one and  you can use your unique entry number on the new rod.

Tournament Catches

Just to keep you up to speed we have had two entrants for the “Small Pole – Biggest Fish Tournament. In the event you purchase a Triforce rod for Breakaway form Breakaway $19.95 and then you pay to enter the tournament $20. The winner which is the person who lands the longest fish using the rod and any reel, wins all the cash. The tournament will run through till year end.

Please note you must have the rods unique number showing with the picture of the fish. Hear are some entered fish.

Tugboat Mike picture 1 and 2

Lee 3 4 and 5 picture




Michael Cornet sent me this picture of a 22 inch Red he caught 010811


Hi Nick,


We were out about 30 miles today in 200 ft. of water when I hooked up this Red Snapper on the 3′ Daiwa Triforce rod I got from you.  Not a tournament worthy fish at just over 24″, but I’m in the hunt.  The reel I decided on is a Shimano carbon infused 4000 and I caught this fish free lining a butterflied Croaker for Kings.  Didn’t find them today.  Did find a mess of quality Vermillion Snapper and some really nice Trigger Fish.

Joe from Florida sent me this.




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