Sorry for the late report, but I was fishing. Yesterday evening  I decided to take the Breakaway fishing bike to PINS via Bob  Hall south beach.  I was about a mile south of the pier and was able to watch this nice King being landed. It was a big King and the angler was over the moon landing it form the surf. Its not often that you see a King landed from the surf.  The water was a good color a because of the light winds the weed was not a problem. I had a couple of blow ups on the north end and finally landed one, two casts after that and I lost the plug so it was time to go home.

Riding the bike on the beach is great and really adds to the fun of fishing for Trout this time of year. You do a lot of gunning and running when after Trout  covering a lot of miles and constantly on the move, this really suites my ADHD.   

This morning fished PINS again, this time with Lee and a couple of other friends. The bite was slow but I did have some good blow ups and it was great to be fishing. Lee caught his first Trout on his new Breakaway big eye so that made his day.

Water was a 5 to 6 driving 4. We have had some new weed in but it really is not a problem when using top waters.

PS: Chris Sessions just came in the shop and said he landed a 9ft Hammerhead on his Breakaway rod with a Avet 30W offshore, Falcon Rig. Plus Amber Jack and Big Grouper at Baker on an Avet HXW.

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