Breakaway USA is proud to announce that we are now the sole importer and distributor for Italccana rods USA.  Italcanna started making rods in Italy in the early 1940s and have gained a reputation for high class rods and service. I just returned from the UK and while visiting Breakaway UK I was able to see the range of rods. The uptake of these rods by UK fisherman and casters has impressed Norman who was pleased to suggest the partnership for the USA.  I can honestly say Italcanna rods are light years ahead in producing rods that are very light yet powerful.  They are a flagship rod and have a price tag between $500 to $750. They will increase a casters distance when fishing and on the tournament field.  We will have a viewing at the shop as soon as they arrive!

Some distances achieved with the Italcanna rods

269m (882.5 feet) – with 150g weight (World Championship)
259.66m (852.9 feet) – with 100g weight (World Championship)

275m (902 feet) – with low wind and 175g weight

Vector is the 100g class winner rod of the 2015 Long Casting World Championship
and it helped the Italian Team become the winner of the 2017 World Championship.

In 2017 the Vector also won the Spanish Long Casting Championship as it was used by the caster Andres Nestor.
This model’s results are constantly evolving, just last Sunday it scored a new Italian record
in Ground style with 256.45m (841.4 feet) and 100g weight.

Italcanna is proud to announce to the Long-Casting world the new Vector range of rods, entirely computer designed and repeatedly tested on various tournament fields by several athletes, most achieving extra cast distance. We are very proud of the fact that two recent Italian records, which had been unbeaten for over 10 years, fell to athletes using Italcanna Vector rods.

The Vector is able to deliver outstanding performances through the use and the processing of high quality materials, which also made possible a new record of lightness in this rod’s category.

The tip’s stability during casting is another point of strength. The various models differ as follows:

Model A4 – the most powerful, especially recommended for athletes with good or superior power and great physical size.

Model B4 – For athletes of normal size

Model C3 – Version Match, also suitable for fishing.

The Italcanna Vector rods can be used for casting weights 100 to 200grm. The rod is fitted as standard with light and thin guides to avoid unbalanced tip weight and to improve tip speed.


Available as blanks.


Length 4.5mm = 14ft 7638 inch

Butt Diameter 230cm = 0.905512 inch

Section 2

Eyes Minima

Casting Weight 100-200grm 3.527-7.055oz






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