Draw results for HDX to help Markus with his kidney transplant. Markus has had his transplant and is doing well. This is a letter of thanks we received on behalf of you all. Thanks for all our support mates. Regards Nickaway

A total amount of $740 was raised $120 of it went directly to Markus Go Fund Me Account which we did issue tickets for. We will be sending a further $620

Winner is Donald Majors ticket number 1866693

Hey Nick, 

We are extremely grateful for everything everyone has done. You especially have been a blessing to us all. This wasn’t an easy experience by any means, but Markus is a brave kid, and took it head on.

They took out his native kidneys, added his new kidney, and explained all his medications, and new rules.

He can’t go out without a mask, and has to avoid all illnesses, even a common cold can be fatal with his immune system as suppressed as it is currently to prevent the rejection of his new kidney. With time that will lessen and in hopefully 6 months he will be able to fish again.

You have no idea how much all of your help and support has helped Markus and our family. You guys are like an extension of our family, we fished with a lot of you, but never really imagined anything like this. And then of course I have used a lot of the breakaway tackle, and watched a lot your pictures, videos, and posts. But I never really knew how generous and kind you were. 

Thank you so much from all of us, 

Chris Janssen 



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