One of the biggest surprises to us was when our Universal Coasters started selling off the wall. We had a local chap come into the shop to purchase some and we were able to ask him what and why he was getting them. He informed us that a popular gun magazine had run an article describing how they can be used to adjust the magnification ring on a riffle scope. Prior to this people had to purchase a custom made adjuster that was specific to the gun and cost in excess of $70 per unit. The Breakaway NC1 Coaster is a Universal fit and available in single or double packs, also Amazon has them. I received this unsolicited email this week and film and thought I would share it with you.


My name is Sam Benge I compete in the 3 gun world and recently I won a 3 gun tournament.  I use “breakaway coasters” on every optic I shoot!  I just thought that videos of breakaway coasters used in different setting(s) may help to promote the product.  I’m not asking for anything in return, I have a back ground as a Marine and private contractor so this is coming from a reputable source. 



Sam Benge

Sams video on Youtube



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