Wanted to see what images I would get if I replaced the sinker with a GoPro came and cast its into the surf. Check this video out. GDX Casting GoPRO

The GoPro weighed in at 5.5oz I was using the Daiwa SHA20 which has now been replaced by the Seagate 20H the rod I was using is Breakaway GDX rod

Running line was 20lb with a 60lb shock leader approximately 30ft

The rig used was the Breakaway clip down rig

You will see in the film how well they work during the cast, improving aerodynamics and protecting the bait during the cast. These clip down rigs especially work we’ll at protect the bait at the beginning of the cast as the bait is in time with the speed of the sinker. (Eliminating snatch that leaves bait on beach.)

Enjoy Regards Nickaway





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