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My old friend Roger sent me a message that I need to share with you.

Not sure if this has been done before but I am off to Norway soon and will be fishing for Halibut, I’ll be using a big bait on the bottom cast out with a spinning reel. As they take the bait and run with it I’ll need to fish with the bail arm open but need to ‘clip’ the line so it doesn’t peel off in the current. I’ll also be drifting live-baits for Sailfish off Malaysia in August where I’ll have the same problem, I need to fish with the bail open but still keep the line from coming off the spool. I sorted it with the Cannon and can fish with the drag pre-set, after casting, loop the line over the capstan, pull the trigger (as if you’re going to cast) and hold it there with a small rubber band – one tug and it’s free.

Please see attached video. Thanks Roger, not to bad for an old Suffolk boy.

Link to Breakaway Cannon




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