Saturday: 07-07-12

Wanted to give the new clips a test  (LL1 Lure Links)

and some new super small swivels we have coming in.
























To give me a bit of extra line on a small bait casting reel I put about 50 yds of 40lb braid, then go to 17lb running line, finishing with 12inches of 30lb fluorocarbon. The rod I was using was the Breakaway Alpha matched up to the Daiwa 100 HA reel.

My first stop was at a suck-out about three miles south on the Padre Island National Seashore.  I could see schools of Pony Mullet cutting out through the  suck out.  I waded across the gut and maneuvered so I could fish on the outside of the washout in the bar. Using a top water, I had two blow-ups on the first two casts; more like tail slaps. I had some new  sinker lures sent to me from Dave Kiddy in the UK. The lures are sold under the name Sidewinder in the UK and are very effective and have a great life-like swimming action.



















First cast and first Trout was on the beach.  Brenda then changed to another of the Kiddy’s lures and she hooked up as well. I changed lures to check out the ease of use of the new clips and it proved very effective and easy to use. The 25lb test of the clips was more than enough to put 5 nice Trout into the box in under an hour.











Sunday: Heading South.

This time of year it is not unusual to find big schools of Reds heading south. Normally, they will be slots and if you find them you will limit out pretty quick. We had a plan to go find them if we could. Passing a friend in the 20’s,  I told him what our plan was and continued south. We were looking for the signs: birds, structure and bait. We found them and the Reds. Every cast had Reds between the sizes of 22 to 27inches.  I was using lures again and Brenda was using dead bait.  They were hungry and the bite was on.  The LL1 Lure Links were more than a match for the large reds which do put up a great fight.













Finding the fish was a major part of the game this weekend. Check out my video

“Reading the Beach” at our Nickaway website

Lure Link Video




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