When we first came to the states one of the first products we sold was the rod tip light called Old Red Eye. Many fishermen over the year who fish at night have learned to love the lights, as you can clearly see the rod tip from a good two hundred yards and the battery will last 100hrs. I had a local fisherman told me a story of how the old red eye saved his rod and reel. He was fishing the national Seashore Texas when a big old Cow Nose Ray picked up his bait and pulled the rod and reels into the water. These lights are not designed to be used under water but it worked long enough for him to notice it was being dragged along through the gut. Jumping into the water he was able to catch the rod and save it then land the fish. Old Red Eye saved the day. Now we have it in four different colors so you can tell from a distance which rod to go after. This product is must have for the night fisherman and is available in the Breakaway shopping cart.
This is a little video to explain the product.


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