Mike Perry sent me this cool Email and picture. I have added links to the emila. Thanks Mike. Check you mail box as I am sending you a packet of the new Speed Ovals.

Hey nick wanna send ya another picture of a spotted sand shark I caught with the custom Breakaway 10′ 6 Omega https://breakawaytackleusa.com/products/rods-blanks/omega-106/and Akios reel. https://breakawaytackleusa.com/products/reels-tunning/akios-reels/ Took about 30 minutes and was done on 15# p-line…. about 150 yds out. Awesome setup hasn’t let me down yet. My squall 15 I have to re-adjust the break every 15-20 casts because of the bearings warming up…. the Akios never have to adjust it and is probably the most reliable reel in my rack.



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