PINS, Padre Island National Seashore, is 61 miles of undeveloped beach and our local fishing hole. The fall is the most productive part of the year with the Mullet running south and the target predator fish close behind. This year has been at best tough, with Red Tide killing many of the young finger Mullet and preventing us from fishing as the airborne effect is very unpleasant.

With a predicted low tide making driving good and the wind direction NW (offshore), we decided to give it ago and I’m glad we did as the Reds were there.

As we arrived on the beach, we noticed that the Red Tide had killed several hundred Mullet which could be clearly seen on the water line. No airborne effect though and the driving was a 8. We began heading south and just past the 10 mile marker, there were no signs of dead fish or Red Tide.

We started fishing south of the high banks and started landing fish.

The rig of choice this time of year is the Breakaway DCD3 – Double Clip Down Rigs using fresh killed shrimp and a Fishbites.

Lee was the first to land a nice slot Red and made short work of it with his Breakaway Omega 10’6

I was abale to catch some Mullet using the cast net and Brenda soon had this over size Red using a Breakaway Pulley Rig and Breakaway Super Sinker to hold against the 30mph+ winds.

This fish was released alive so if you want to get into some really nice Reds give it a shot, it’s the time.



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