Cary and Cindi Powers give us this wonderful beach report.

Good day fishing!!

No dead fish or Red Tide aerosol from the black top to the 20 mile marker, so it was a no peppermint day! We went to the 20’s and found a place Cary liked so we stopped and before we could get out, the jeep the windshield was covered with black gnats. We moved on and went a little further but ran into the same thing. We drove until no gnats covered the windows and found a good place.

We ended up with 2 25″ reds, 5 big whiting, and 4 undersized reds we returned to grow bigger. Cary caught the 2 reds and we could have had 3 reds but as Cary said “I screwed up.” I had it on the beach and left to much slack in my line and a nice wave came in and well you know what happened.

Going back out tomorrow morning! We had a great day today!


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