Just got back from an amazing trip down to El Salvador where we were going after the wonderfully agresive Rooster fish.

Chia Zeng Juang from CZ tackle in El Salvador invited Roger and I down to do some serious Rooster fishing and test out some gear while we were there. Roger Mortimore and I grew up together in a small town called Felixstowe in Suffolk England fishing the North Sea. You had better be able to cast if you want to be in the fish, fishing the North Sea.  We were taking the same ability’s to cast long distance to fish for the famous Roosters of El Salvador.

El Salvador has gotten a bad reputation lately for being a violent place and maybe in the wrong parts of town it is, but I can assure you we never felt threatened in any way. The fishing was amazing, the people are lovely, and the food and accommodation where wonderful.

If you’re interested in fishing this amazing area, please send me your details and I will make sure to let you know the next time we are heading down and get Chia Zeng to arrange it for us. The area we fish has wonderful facilities and we will arrange collection from the airport, lodgings, and fishing guides.



This was my Rooster caught on a Spoon’r Lure


Roger landed this beauty and said mission accomplished. Roger has now got to have the tattoo as he is a member of the El Salvador surf rooster club.

Chai Zeng our guide and Rooster guru used the Breakaway LDX spinning with a Breakaway Cannon and was able to put two on the beach in quick time. He says the LDX is the ultimate Rooster rod.



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