Just to keep you up to speed we have had two entrants for the “Small Pole – Biggest Fish Tournament. In the event you purchase a Triforce rod for Breakaway form Breakaway $19.95 and then you pay to enter the tournament $20. The winner which is the person who lands the longest fish using the rod and any reel, wins all the cash. The tournament will run through till year end.

Please note you must have the rods unique number showing with the picture of the fish. Hear are some entered fish.

Tugboat Mike picture 1 and 2

Lee 3 4 and 5 picture




Michael Cornet sent me this picture of a 22 inch Red he caught 010811


Tony LaCross fishing offshore Corpus Christi Texas 082211 King 33.5


Lee Little Offshore Corpus Christi 082111  King 35.25inch














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