Back in the late 90s and early 2000s a group used to fish the Padre Island National Seashore who got the name “Froghunters”. One of the star players was Tarzan, he would party as hard as any and loved to fish.

Every Friday night you would find us south of the 40s, a fire was built and the party was on, fishing and group meals all weekend. Leaving the beach in covey on Sunday, CB radios buzzing, stopping on the back road to toast the weekend in whiskey and all living by the rules of the “Froghunters”.

“You are never out of beer, until we are all out of beer. “

“You are never stuck, until we are all stuck.”

My now wife and kids spent every weekend fishing and partying with this group, “Tarzan” and his lovely young family down there with us.

Unfortunately, I found out today that Tarzan had passed away.   I’m not feeling sorry for Tarzan as he lived his life flat out and he would not want you to. He loved an adventure and was always game, never frightened to climb the next dune, swim the gut or try the un-trodden path.  He will be missed and I know he will find the peace he deserves.  Our prayers go out to his family and especially his children.

Respectfully Nickaway

On Behalf of the president of the Froghunters, “God bless you Tarzan”.  Frog.



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