Left home just before sun up so we were at the end of the black top on the National Seashore as Ra popped her head over the horizon.

This was a quick trip to try and get David Sikes (Outdoor reporter for the Caller Times.) a Top Water beach story and this was the first break we had. We preceded south only about half a mile and noticed an nice closed gut.  David on his second cast got into a good size Jack, after landing, taking pictures, and releasing Mr Jack we went after Trout. The first part of the surf towards the gut is covered in live crabs, I’m talking millions and that maybe accounts for the slow bight on top water.  We did manage to catch a nice Trout that will give Ralph Wade something to chew on this evening.  David Sikes will be posting pictures and a story of our trip,  I will post when available.

Current conditions:  Water 5 to 6 Driving 5  Weed slight. Wind 10mph SE


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