Got this picture sent to me this morning on my Facebook page from Alfredito Vides in El Salvador.  A nice little  Palmetto Pompano caught on the Breakaway DCD3. It don’t matter what your fishing for, the Breakaway DCD3 is a great rig for POMPS and anything up to + 30inch Reds.  It is my favorite long distance rig.

DCD3 Double Clip Down Pomp Rig

Beach report from South of Packery this morning. Water was down a bit to a 4 with some new weed washing in during the night. Water is still high making driving at best a 4. Plenty of bait in the water and Bob is catching Jacks at Packery again this morning in the channel.

Have a great day
Regards Nickaway

Pictures from South of Packery This Morning.


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