Kidney Transplant for Markus

My little brother, Markus, was born with a disease called Eagle-Barrett’s Syndrome (aka Prune Belly Syndrome). He doesn’t have any stomach muscles- including muscles to contract his bladder. Markus has gone through more surgeries than I can count and has beat the odds with every battle he has encountered. He is the toughest person I know.

Unfortunately, his disease has taken a toll on his kidneys, and he has reached the point where he needs a transplant. Even with insurance, there are still numerous medical bills and expenses that my parents will be responsible for. They are already overwhelmed with all that is going on, so I am hoping to take away some of the financial stress by reaching out to the community for help. We really appreciate any donations, and ask that you keep this little guy in your prayers.

Help spread the word!

In order to help get him get closer to his goal, we are going to raffle off one of our Breakaway HDX surf rods. You can buy either a single ticket for $5 or a pack of 5 for $20.

You can also read more about him, as well as, donating directly to his fund.