Italcanna Premiere Rods

Breakaway Tackle USA is proud to announce we are the sole importer of the tournament winning range of Italcanna rods. The new Vector series is entirely computer designed and repeatedly tested on various tournament fields by casters, who found, in most cases, an improvement of the previous distances. To confirm this, the Vector rods have broken two Italian Records that had been unbeaten for over 10 years. The Vector is able to deliver outstanding performances through the use and the processing of high quality materials, which also made possible a new record of lightness in this rod’s category. The tip’s stability during Built is another point of strength. The various models differ as follows:
  • Model A4 – the most powerful, especially recommended for athletes with good or superior power.
  • Model B4 – For athletes of normal size who want to win.
  • Model C3 – Version Match and light tournament casting.
What does this mean to the fisherman? Unprecedented extreme distance fishing. Quality unsurpassed in the industry with a true tournament pedigree that will allow you extend your effective fishing area.
Version Length Line Rating Lure Weight Cost
Vector A4 Blank 14′ 9″ TBD 4 – 8oz $499.99 Buy
Vector A4 Built 14′ 9″ TBD 4 – 8oz $549.99 Buy
Vector B4 Blank 14′ 3″ TBD 4 – 7oz $499.99 Buy
Vector B4 Built 14′ 3″ TBD 4 – 7oz $549.99 Buy
Vector C3 Blank 14′ 3″ TBD 3 – 6oz $499.99 Buy
Vector C3 Built 14′ 3″ TBD 3 – 6oz $549.99 Buy
Vector LA Blank 14′ 3″ TBD 3.5 – 7oz $549.99 Buy
Vector LA Built 14′ 3″ TBD 3.5 – 7oz $599.99 Buy
Dynamis OTG 3 Piece Rod 14′ 4″ TBD 4 – 6oz $429.99 Buy